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Your NAMIBIAN HIV Disease Management Company - Where efficiency matters

MyHealth Administrators is a subsidiary of Methealth Namibia Administrators.

Myhealth is 100% Namibian. It mandates to administer and manages the HIV / AIDS Programmes of NMC, BANKMED & PSEMAS Medical Schemes.
Myhealth’s HIV/AIDS protocol is in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS) guidelines for the treatment of HIV in Namibia.


MyHealth comprises of two main pillars:

  1. HIV and AIDS management (link to HIV/AIDS management)
  2. Wellness and lifestyle coordination and management (link to wellness)

The MyHealth core Functions:

    →To improve the living standard of the members and their dependants living with HIV/AIDS
    →To contribute to the financial sustainability of the medical aid funds through well controlled HIV/AIDS management

Strategic action:

    →Provide quality service based on excellence and client-centric approach


Dear Doctors from disciplines 014 [General Practitioner], 015 [Family Medicine],018 [Internal Medicine], 032 [Paediatrician]