The management of the HIV and AIDS is based on MyHealth HIV protocol, which is guided by the National ART guidelines of MOHSS.

MyHealth Objectives:

  1. Provide quality services to both clients and the services providers
  2. Strengthen education and counselling services
  3. Built and strengthen the partnership with the MOHSS and other relevant partners/stakeholders
  4. Strengthen cost-effective service delivery model

Strategic Actions

    (i) Clinical Level

         →Authorised the ARVs medications based on both National ART guideline and MyHealth protocol.
         →Assist with the treatment compliance
         →Reinforce structural and responsible claiming of the Anti-retoviral Treatments (ARTs)

Switching Codes
The Following switching codes are exclusive for claiming ARVs medications:

Consultation tariffs
First HIV consultation: 97046 - when the client is diagnosed
Follow ups consultations: 97095

    (ii) Counselling Level

      →Through its well-structured counselling programme
MyHealth focuses on the improved adherence to the
attainment of optimal viral suppression for all the clients.

    (iii) Counselling approaches

      →Person-to-person session
      →Telephone contact


We are client-centric, efficient and based on the individualised model


PEP and Prep
→ Consult the National Guidelines for further information.
[Find forms under Resources on the side menu]

Prevention from Mother to Child (PMTCT)
→Consult the National Guidelines for further information.



Registration process

      1. Why is it important to register
        • - Provide the consent to MyHealth to manage your health related issues
          - Access the benefits attached to the MyHealth programme
      2. How to register
        • - Complete the forms
          - Dr will send the forms and relevant blood results to MyHealth
          - Once forms are received, registration process will be completed within 8 hours
      3. What does the benefits include
        • - 6 additional consultations
          - Free levy on all authorised ARVs
          - Free levy of baby Formula for the first 6 months
      4. What education do you get
        • - How to take medications properly
          - How to possibly manage side effects
          - How to prevent HIV re-infection
          - Overall health education
      5. Programme registration forms
        • - ARVs are subjected to case management - required to be authorised prior being administered.
          - Thus all the newly HIV-diagnosed clients should go through the registration process.
          - The registration forms and the baseline blood results are eminent to complete the registration process. The client must sign the Part A of the forms to give his/her consent.

[Find forms under Resources on the side menu]