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The Global AIDS Strategy 2021–2026 is a bold new approach to use an inequalities lens to close the gaps that are preventing progress towards ending AIDS.

The Global AIDS Strategy aims to reduce these inequalities that drive the AIDS epidemic and prioritize people who are not yet accessing life-saving HIV services.

The Strategy sets out evidence-based priority actions and bold targets to get every country and every community on-track to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.

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Why we need targets for 2025

1. 2020 Fast Track targets will soon elapse
2. Current UNAIDS strategy concludes in 2021
3. Informs possible UN General Assembly Special Session on AIDS in 2021 where a new Political Declaration on AIDS would be adopted
4. Informs the strategies of other organisations (Global Fund, PEPFAR)
5. An updated set of programmatic targets for 2025 in needed to keep us on track for 2030

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Ending the AIDS epidemic is more than a historic obligation to the 39 million people who have died of the disease. It also represents a momentous opportunity to lay the foundation for a healthier, more just and equitable world for future generations. Ending the AIDS epidemic will inspire broader global health and development efforts, demonstrating what can be achieved through global solidarity, evidence-based action and multisectoral partnerships.

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