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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

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On the Couch with NMC: Self-defence Skills

Tip of the day

5 Ways to live a healthier lifestyle
1. Diet: Eat plenty of fresh, non-processed foods, drink 1.8l of water a day

2. Exercise: Get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity weekly, or 30 minutes most days. Also get two-to-three 20-30 minute sessions of strength-training per week, focusing on major muscle groups.

3. Sleep: Try to get 7-8 hours every night and try to keep a regular sleep-wake cycle – go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

4. Socialization: It reduces stress and anxiety and improves mental functioning – and that helps guard against depression, heart disease and dementia.

5. Have a primary care physician: Annual visits are important for all ages because they are intended to detect disease early, before it leads to serious consequences.

The Lifestyle Management Programme consists of the following:

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is created to assist companies identify and support staff and employees from chronic illness that can eventually affect their health and productivity.

Corporate companies are screened once a year for hypertension, glucose, cholesterol and BMI. These are your normal general screenings which helps with early detection.

Quit the Smoke Programme

Our "QUIT THE SMOKE" (QTS) Program is for anyone that would like to kick the habit. Habits are difficult to change especially the smoking habit.

With the assistance of the Wellness team we will be your encouragement and motivation to help you quit.

Once you have made the important decision to stop smoking please follow the easy steps below on your journey to a healthier body and mind.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health Challenges- such as depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorder and addictive behavior – affect one’s mood, thinking and behavior.

Often these challenges affect your ability to function effectively and can cause tension and misery at school or work and in relationships.

The Lifestyle Management Programme provides the tools to fight and deal with these challenges, the program will provide you with monthly updates on how to identify, deal with and management mental health.

Walking Club

The Walking Club is back to bring you another year of fit and fun.

Are you ready?
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