MyHealth specializes in the clinical management of HIV / AIDS and Wellness Programmes.
We are proud of the fact that Myhealth is the only Namibian HIV Management & Wellness Company in the country.
As a Namibian company we are proud to make a positive contribution in Namibia for our Namibian people by improving the quality of life of our members that are suffering from Chronic diseases such as High Blood pressure, Diabetes , Chronic Heart diseases etc.
Myhealth thus wants to promote the general health of all our members that suffer from certain specified chronic illness conditions.

Through the Lifestyle Management Programme we want to empower our members to take charge of their own health through :
• Prevention
• Management of the specific illness condition
• Treatment adherence / Compliance
• Rehabilitation

The Lifestyle Management Programme is all about :
• Providing advice to our members on how to prevent chronic illnesses through healthy eating and exercise habits.


Bankmed Namibia

Bankmed Members can utilize our full range of services with specific focus towards corporate wellness and much much more

Namibia Medical Care

Namibia Medical Care members can enjoy all the benefits of our Lifestyle Management Programme ranging from personal wellness to quit the smoke programs cooking workshops and much more!


PSEMAS is proud to introduce to its members and their dependants advanced benefits for :
Lifestyle Management Programme, Chronic Disease Management Programme, HIV / AIDS Disease Management Programme “ Strictly confidential “.
The Lifestyle Management Programme is implemented in conjunction with the current Office of the Prime Minister’s Wellness Programme .


Ms Jeanine Teega
Wellness Co-ordinator