Mental health Challenges- such as depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorder and addictive behavior – affect one’s mood, thinking and behavior.

Often these challenges affect your ability to function effectively and can cause tension and misery at school or work and in relationships.

The Lifestyle Management Programme provides the tools to fight and deal with these challenges, the program will provide you with monthly updates on how to identify, deal with and management mental health.

Mental Wellness


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Tips For Good Mental Health


1. Build relationships
Having good relationships with other people is the most important factor contributing to a sense of wellbeing. This can include family, friends, workmates and others in the community. Investing time and energy in your relationships can lead to great benefits for all involved.

2. Exercise and stay healthy
Exercise has been shown to increase wellbeing as well as reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Good physical health is related to better mental health so a healthy diet, avoiding excess alcohol or drugs, getting a good night's sleep, and regular checkups with the doctor can all help.