Corporate wellness is created to assist companies identify and support staff and employees from chronic illness that can eventually affect their health and productivity.

Corporate companies are screened once a year for hypertension, glucose, cholesterol and BMI.
These are your normal general screenings which helps with early detection.

Enhance corporate image and long-term interests by promoting health beyond the workplace Employers are now expected to create safe work environments, improve employee health and implement strategies that reduce medical costs as well as increase employee morale and on-the-job efficiency.


Once you are identified or qualify to be on the wellness program you are required to do the following:

1. Visit any dietician of your choice, the dietician will do an assessment on you and refer you to any biokinetics of your choice.
2. Once you are at the biokinetics they will do a full body evaluation on you. This evaluation will classify you according to low, medium or high risk.
3. You are required to attend the sessions as per the time frame allocated to the specified risk rating.
4. The wellness program will pay 100% of your required sessions.
5. Extension can be granted however it remains the members sole responsibility to notify the wellness department and the biokinetics practice.
6. Three evaluations will be done during the course of your sessions paid by the wellness department.
7. Three assessment will be done by the dietician paid by the wellness department.