Our "QUIT THE SMOKE" (QTS) Programme is for anyone that would like to kick the habit.

Habits are difficult to change especially the smoking habit.
With the assistance of the Wellness team we will be your encouragement and motivation to help you quit.
Once you have made the important decision to stop smoking please follow the easy steps below on your journey to a healthier body and mind.

You need to complete the QTS application form ( you can download ). The doctor must sign off the application, forward the completed application + a copy of the prescription for either ZYBAN or CHAMPIX to the wellness department.

If you opt to use the IQS therapy (which involves electrical impulse therapy), you should make contact with them at www.iqsnamibia.com, their representative must sign the form instead of the doctor and mail back to the wellness department.

Please Note:

□ After 3 months, you will have to undergo a blood cotinine test at pathcare (claimable from your day to day benefit).
□ If the test result is negative, wellness will re-imburse you 100% of cost of the ZYBAN/CHAMPIX medication.
□ 50% of the cost of the IQS treatment.

NB: You have to submit your claim within 4 months after commencement of treatment.
Very important you must submit a detailed invoice for the purchase of the medication including proof of payment.

Contact The Wellness Centre at 061-287 6174 or email wellness@methealth.com.na for more information.